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About Us

We High Seas Worldwide Pvt. Ltd. is working as Export-Import trading company having strong association with
Global buyer and supplier and Indian supplier, working under dynamic leadership of Mr. Tapan Kapadia.

Since 2007 we are into business of import and export business under the name of “Amrut Import Export Pvt. Ltd”.
Through this we had sold number of embroidery machines and developed the brand name of ‘Amrut Embroidery’.

Our consistent quality, flexible working hours, affordable rates & customer oriented business approach makes us one
of the leading service providers in our industry segment. Our teams of experts also have with them the ability to
offer personalized attention to each given project, thus assuring complete client satisfaction.

We also identify buyers and importers from India for global market. For that we also offer market research facility
of innovative product.






Customer Support



Delivery On time


Our Services

Consultation to Indian buyers, importers
for sourcing right and innovative product
from China and other countries.

Sourcing Global buyers for Indian
exporters as per their requirements.

Representing Global companies in India.

Our Core Idealogy for HUMAN ASSET

Circular Knitting Machine Parts, Circular Knitted Fabrics. We release one new Circular Knitting Machine model every month.
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